Why We Grow a Beard

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The Benefits Of Growing a Beard!

In my few years of growing a beard people always tend to ask me “why Honest Amish Classic Beard Oildo you grow a beard?” My answer is always the same, “why not?”

There are so many benefits to growing a beard besides the obvious bonus of looking like a freaking greek god! I mean think about it, no more buying razors or shaving cream, no more daily shaving where no matter how hard you try you do nick yourself.

No more razor burn causing you to look like a 15 year old kid starting puberty all over again.

Why Beards Are Awesome?

Why would anyone choose to deal with all that? I wake up comb my beard, add a little oil then look awesome!

I know what yourshampoo conditioner comb brush thinking, but bro what if the wind blows my beard around while I’m cruising on my Harley or you get a little food in it while grubbing out?

Bro that’s why we have beard combs and beard shampoo and conditioner.

Carry around that comb so through out the day you can style that hedge. And of course wash it daily bro!

God Gave Us Beards For A Reason!

I know we may resemble bears but we don’t need to act like one too. God gave us the ability to grow a beard for a reason.

That reason may be unknown or unclear sometimes but I’ma continue growing mine anyway.

On those freezing windy nights though I do raise my head to the big man man up stairs as i stroke my thick warm mane and whisper softly “thanks again bro!

Patches! growth vitamin beard grow xl

Not everyone grows a magnificently thick beard, and I hate to say it but I’m one of them. But my beard isn’t horrible because its part of who i am, its the way God made me.

I’m always hearing guys say “I so badly want to grow out my beard but it’s patchy and just doesn’t look good.”

Part of this is true and part of this is just poppycock! Yes my beard grows in kind of patchy but that is okay. It can still look good with time.

When In Doubt Grow it Out!

You wouldn’t believe how many guys I know who started off with patchy beards that no longer look patchy and it all has to do with length my friend.

patches grow it out!The longer you let your beard grow the more those patches will start to fill out and be hidden.

Own your beard bro!

Grow it out with pride my friend and you’ll see over time that your beard is better then you think it is man!

This world wasn’t created in a day but it was built to last. The same goes for your beard bro! So let it grow man!

Beard Products…..Why?

Check out some of the products we recommend to help you along this journey.

The first is a beard oil that will help with a small amount of hold but a ton of shine and a great sent causing it to look great!

Beard balm all natural and organic strong and fullThe second is a beard balm which gives a much greater hold when styling and still gives that great sent but less shine then the oil. Both are great products to use after that first week or two of growing.

Last is a beard growth vitamin! This is to help fill in those patches just a little faster.

You might also want pick up a beard comb or beard brush but you don’t have to if you already have a comb that works!